, your store without sugar, specialized in sugar-free products for diabetics, offers a comprehensive range of sugar-free cookies, sugar free chocolates, sugar-free candies, sugar-free desserts, sugar free jams, diabetic sweeteners and all kinds of delicacies without sugar, all suitable for people with diabetes or for those who wish to treat their diet by limiting their sugar intake.

These products are an aid for people with diabetes, but in any case they cannot replace the diet or be the basis of the diabetic’s feeding.

Our products are in the "pleasure" category, and must be consumed as part of a diet suitable for people with diabetes.

The products sold in the  website are manufactured in Europe, according to the rules and regulations of the European Commission.

In the manufacture of products, manufacturers have replaced sugar (glucose) by sweeteners: Tagatose, Maltitol, Steviol glycoside, etc., however, there will always be some natural sugars in certain products such as fruit sugar for jams or hazelnut praline filling in the festivals of chocolates, etc ... is very concerned about the well being of its customers and works with nutritionists, endocrinologists, diabetes associations, hospitals, specialised clinic chefs in adult and childhood diabetes and dieticians, to offer its customers the best foodstuffs without added sugar or without added quality sugar and to facilitate the daily life of persons suffering from diabetes.

 The diabetic’s food is very well controlled, so, indicates for each of its products, the list of ingredients as well as additional information such as the amount of carbs (carbohydrates), calories etc ... ..

The sugar-free food forms part of the daily life of people with diabetes, this is why invites you to discover the Tagatesse, the Tagatose or sugar of diabetics, a natural sweetener, specially designed for people with diabetes.

You will find many food products without sugar and a list of amazing treats for diabetics like sugar-free chocolate with the Tagatose, the Stevia, the Maltitol or other sweeteners. It is the same for the wide range of sugar-free cookies, candies for diabetics, sugar-free lollipops and also a wide selection of sugar-free chewing gums and sugar free desserts for diabetics.

The Jams for diabetics that we offer are of very high quality with a large composure of fruits with a unique flavor. These sugar free jams will be part of the preferred food of diabetics during lunch time. has developed a LOYALTY program which has already won the hearts of so many customers. You will get 1 point for every € 30 purchase (excluding shipping) and you will receive a discount code of € 30 once you have achieved 10 points.

Using our secure payment system of the Banque Populaire, you will be able to use your credit card in order to make a purchase.

You can contact us by emailing or phone on +2309454902  (GMT + 4) and click on our terms of use for more information.



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